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Coach Kelly Mo 

Golf and Fitness Evangalist


 Make the DECISION health is a priority. The best results come from “deciding” that good eating, thinking, and exercise habits are the most important choices you can make.  It is either that or prescription drugs.

Warm up 10 or so minutes before your session. The best moves are small easy versions of what you are about to do. Gently move every joint to increase blood flow without holding or forcing. Suggestions for your body will be provided.

Come fueled and hydrated. Find what your body needs without eating too close to session time. No sooner than 1 hour ahead is the norm. Always have something for breakfast making sure it is balanced with the proper macro and micronutrients. Please ask for suggestions that fit you.

 Plan your food intake for both before and after a workout. Many greatly increase their success rate by simply planning. Have good snacks always ready. Plan your week ahead to easily make good choices available. Stop eating things that are bad for you or stop after 3 bites to get the taste. The rest is just calories. Replace a bad habit with this one.

Listen to and be in tuned with your body. Some days you need to push, some days you need to recover. Your workout can always be designed to fit what you need that day, i.e.;

  • Golf/Sports Power
  • Swing drills
  • Private Yoga, Mat Pilates, ELDOA
  • Manual Stretch Therapy
  • SAFE Olympic Power Lifting Technique (CrossFit)
  • Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Corrective Exercise/Posture Correctives
  • Balance, Core, Mobility, Stability, Flexibility
  • Tabata HIIT Bootcamp
  • Misc; Met Con, TRX, Rip Trainer, Med Balls, etc.                No challenge-No change!

Ideal training includes 2-3 times a week strength training. Other days include at least one hour of another activity, golf, yoga, Pilates, cycling, etc. There are far more efficient ways to do cardio than grinding on a treadmill for an hour. Ask to explore options that work for you.

Please text 559-853-4192 ( with any questions about schedule or any way I can assist in helping you get more life out of your years, and more years out of your life.