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Coach Kelly Mo 

Golf and Fitness Evangalist

Join us every Saturday at noon for a super fun hour at the newly renovated Wellness Civana Resort in Carefree, AZ, Class design offers a wide variety of moves adaptable to all levels of fitness for whole body conditioning. You can join in on or rest at any time:

15 minutes warm up, core, stability-Beginners

15 minutes increased stability, balance, strength-Intermediate

15 minutes endurance, high intensity, power functional moves-Advanced

15 minutes mobility/flexibility, ELDOA - myofascial stretching - All levels


  •      improving posture and body awareness
  •      slowing the aging process
  •      increasing strength with functional movement
  •      addressing mobility and flexibility issues
  •      regaining agility, power, and speed
  •      decreasing risk of injury and falls
  •      enhancing bone density and metabolism

Many modalities will be offered, as well as, modifications based on individual needs. 


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