Golf and Fitness Evangalist

Coach Kelly Mo 

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Kelly Montana grew up traveling on the rodeo circuit. Her parents and grandparents were Trick and Fancy Roping Performers. She soon learned how difficult it was to make a living and a life on the road so her mission was to get an education. She has been learning ever since. With her fascination of the human body, she majored in Microbiology with hopes to be a veterinarian like most cowgirls. Entry in that field at the time was very limited so medical sales started her path in the corporate world.

After years of outside sales, the work took its toll on her back and from then on she vowed to never let a job affect her health. Luckily she fell in love with fitness in college competing in triathelons and teaching her first aerobics class in 1980. After discovering golf while doing a software documentation start up in Scotland, she traded her horse in for golf clubs. Therefore, in 2004 it was an easy decision to combine both of her passions and commit her life to helping as many as possible to re-prioritize their health so they to can Move better-Play better-Live Better.